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We’re Looking Forward to Seeing You

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Our team at Skyline Dental of Morristown will customize your care according to your needs, but no matter who you are, we will always make sure that you’re able to enjoy a dental experience that you can look back on and smile. Are you getting ready to set up an appointment with us? It pays to be fully prepared on the day of your visit, so take some time to review the information on this page. Naturally, you may still have some questions that aren’t addressed here, so go ahead and give us a call if there’s anything else on your mind.

Your First Visit

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Our helpful team will help you check in and give you a brief tour of our modern office. We’ll then take you back to a treatment room. It will be necessary for us to take some X-rays and scans of your mouth in order to determine where you currently are in terms of oral health. Then Dr. Henkin will talk with you for a few minutes and carry out a full examination of your oral cavity. She’ll let you know whether any follow-up treatments will be necessary depending on her findings. You’ll be given the opportunity to ask questions before you return to our front desk for checkout.

Dental Insurance

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No matter what kind of PPO dental insurance plan you have, our team at Skyline Dental of Morristown will be happy to take it. We’re always glad to show our patients how they can put their insurance benefits to good use. We want you to be able to save as much as you can when it comes to your dental care. You can click the link below if you would like further information about how dental insurance can be utilized.

Learn More About Dental Insurance


Dental Financing

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When you need a particularly extensive type of dental treatment, you may be worried about your ability to pay for it. Signing up for dental financing can make paying for your care much easier. If you apply for CareCredit – a third-party financing company trusted throughout the country – you can pick from one of several plans, many of which come with little or even no interest. You can start the CareCredit application process right now by clicking the link below.

Apply for CareCredit

Patient Forms

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We want to do whatever we can to help you save valuable time during your appointment. As such, we offer you the opportunity to fill out the requisite new patient paperwork before you even get to our office. All you need to do is download the forms with the links below and complete them on your own time. That way, they’ll already be taken care of on the day of your visit, meaning you’ll be able to see Dr. Henkin sooner.

Complete Our Forms Online – Coming Soon

Download Our Forms – Coming Soon