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What to Do If Your Smile Is Incomplete

Senior woman smiling after replacing missing teeth in Morristown

There are many challenges that come with living with missing teeth. Everyday tasks that you used to complete with no problem – like talking in front of others or chewing your food – may suddenly become much more difficult and/or uncomfortable. Additionally, you’re likely to be unhappy with the way your smile looks in the mirror. Your best option is generally to have your missing teeth replaced as quickly as you can. Call our dental office today if you’re looking for a way to rebuild your grin. Dr. Henkin will help you explore your options for replacing missing teeth in Morristown and narrow down which one is the best fit for you.

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What Happens If I Do Nothing About Missing Teeth?

Man with missing upper front tooth

Can you afford to ignore a gap in your smile? The short answer is no, you can’t. While the space might seem harmless on its own, it can actually affect your remaining teeth, causing them to drift out of alignment. Furthermore, a missing tooth leaves some of your gum tissue exposed, which can ultimately increase your risk for an infection. It doesn’t matter whether the gap left by the tooth is visible to others; it can still have serious oral health consequences if it’s ignored for too long, hence why it’s important to be fully aware of your treatment options.

Dental Bridges

Dentist holding model of jaw with dental bridge over three teeth

If we find that the teeth on either side of the empty space in your mouth are still in good shape, we may be able to replace your missing teeth with a dental bridge. This is a traditional tooth replacement method that is made up of crowns and prosthetic teeth called pontics. The crowns are attached to your real teeth, and the pontics fill the space between them. In many cases, dental bridges are made from tooth-colored materials, so most people won’t even realize that your smile was ever incomplete.


Dentist holding a full upper denture

The advantage of getting dentures is that it allows us to replace a large number of teeth all at once. As such, we’re likely to recommend full dentures if you have lost an entire arch of teeth. However, if there are just a few gaps that need to be filled in, we may instead suggest partial dentures. Traditional dentures are removable and can be easily taken out when you want to clean them; however, you can rest assured that they’ll be designed to fit properly so that you don’t have to worry about them shifting around when you don’t want them to.

Dental Implants

Dentist holding model of dental implant in the jaw

Dental implants are unique in that they help replace both the roots and crowns of missing teeth. Being able to act as new tooth roots means that dental implants are able to prevent bone loss, and they can provide a greater level of chewing strength and stability compared to more traditional replacement options. Furthermore, dental implants are very versatile and remain a viable option no matter how many teeth are missing. At Skyline Dental of Morristown, we can complete the entire dental implant process right here at our Morristown dental office for your convenience.

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