Restorative Dentistry – Morristown, NJ

When Your Smile Is in Need of Repair

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Even if you generally take good care of your teeth, you might eventually need some type of restorative dentistry to deal with a cavity, a tooth injury, or even just worn-down enamel. Dr. Henkin and the rest of our team aren’t here to judge the state of your mouth; we’re here to help you find a solution. And with our in-house dental lab, you won’t be waiting too long for your smile to be repaired. To start the restorative dentistry process, please contact our Skyline Dental of Morristown team today.

Why Choose Skyline Dental of Morristown for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Convenient One-Visit Dental Restorations
  • Customized Crowns and Fillings
  • Caring Team That Provides Premier Customer Service

What If I Do Nothing About Damaged Teeth?

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If the problem doesn’t seem too serious on the surface, you may be tempted to skip the dental visit in order to save money. However, this can actually end up being the more expensive choice. Dental damage has a tendency to grow worse over time, and at some point, the tooth might be entirely compromised. As a result, you will need to pay to have it replaced, which is typically more expensive than simply getting a filling or crown.

Dental Crowns

Model of the mouth with dental crown over one tooth

Dental crowns are made to completely cover your teeth in order to strengthen them and improve their overall function. They can often be made out of materials that match the appearance of real tooth enamel. Crowns can be placed for a variety of reasons, such as fixing particularly large cavities and keeping severely broken teeth safe. They might also be used to help reseal a tooth after root canal treatment, and they can fill in gaps in your smile when combined with a dental implant.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Close up of illustrated tooth with barely noticeable tooth colored filling

A metal filling might repair the damage left by tooth decay, but it will also look less-than-natural compared to the rest of your smile. As such, many dental practices nowadays prefer to use composite resin fillings. What’s unique about this material is that it can be personalized to match the shade of your enamel. Oftentimes, the end results blend in so well that the uninformed observer likely won’t be able to tell that you have a filling to begin with. As an added benefit, placing a tooth-colored filling often takes just one short appointment.

One-Visit Dental Crowns

Milling machine crafting a one visit dental crown

At most dental practices, it can take a week or two to get a dental crown, and in the meantime, you’re often left with a temporary crown that’s nowhere near as reliable as a permanent one. But if you choose Skyline Dental of Morristown, we can save you a lot of time and trouble thanks to our on-site dental lab. Our restorations can be made right here, eliminating the need for a waiting period. It will take just a single appointment for us to prepare your tooth, take impressions, design and create the crown, and attach the final restoration to your smile.

Full-Mouth Restorations

Close up of smile with flawlessly straight white teeth

Even if you have multiple damaged or missing teeth, we can help you figure out a way to reclaim a healthy smile. Oftentimes, the solution is to put together a full-mouth restoration plan that includes a number of procedures meant to address your specific oral health concerns. Each treatment plan is different, and we’ll make sure that you’re aware of how long it will take to complete each step as well as what the overall cost will look like. Do you have serious concerns about the condition of your smile? Reaching out to our office could be the first step to resolving them.