Root Canal Treatment – Morristown, NJ

We Can Help with Infected Teeth

Blonde woman smiling after root canal treatment in Morristown

You might dread being told that you need root canal treatment, but the good news is that it’s nowhere near as painful as you may have heard. In fact, it’s often the most effective way to deal with a tooth infection and put a stop to any associated discomfort. Furthermore, in many cases, Dr. Henkin may be able to use root canal treatment in Morristown to help you avoid needing an extraction. Are you ready to put your dental pain behind you and get your oral health back on track? Reach out to Skyline Dental of Morristown today to set up a consultation so that we can figure out whether a root canal is truly needed.

Why Choose Skyline Dental of Morristown for Root Canal Treatment?

  • We Prioritize Our Patients’ Comfort
  • Advanced Technology for Administering Local Anesthetic
  • Welcoming, Relaxing Office Environment

Why Someone Might Need a Root Canal

Illustrated dental instrument cleaning inside of a tooth

Each tooth contains a mass of soft connective tissue known as dental pulp. While the pulp is normally protected by your enamel, it could become infected if you have a cavity that is not treated in time. Infected pulp can cause a lot of pain, and even worse problems could occur if the infection is allowed to spread beyond the tooth. With a root canal treatment, it is possible to remove the infected pulp so that you can keep the tooth in question. After the procedure, a dental crown will be placed on the tooth to keep it safe and to restore its natural appearance.