Urgent Issue: Are Broken Dentures an Emergency?

March 11, 2024

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Two halves of broken dentures resting on a black background

Dentures are a great way to refurbish your grin after tooth loss because they restore so much of your ability to eat and speak like you used to. The quality of your daily life can vastly improve once you’re fitted with these artificial teeth because you can once again enjoy meals and conversations with family and friends. What do you do, then, if you realize that your dentures have broken? Is it considered a dental emergency or can you wait to get help? Keep reading to find the answer!

Why Did My Dentures Break?

Although dentures are a versatile and durable solution, they’re not entirely impervious to harm. Several different things could potentially damage them, including:

  • Heavy impact. If they drop from a great enough height or are put under enough pressure then they can fracture. Be cautious not to drop them or set anything on top of them accidentally.
  • General wear and tear. Years of chewing can eventually wear them down enough that they crack.
  • Abrasive ingredients. Cleaning them with a hard-bristled toothbrush or regular toothpaste can harm the materials they’re made of. Also, eating highly acidic or overly sugary foods can break them down a little at a time.
  • A poor fit. Your jawbone deteriorates after tooth loss because your body reabsorbs bone mass that’s no longer needed to support teeth. Your dentures can become loose in your mouth which creates uneven pressure points that can cause them to break.

Are Broken Dentures Considered a Dental Emergency?

Whatever the cause behind the injury, if your dentures have sustained damage then you should be seen as soon as possible. Bacteria can penetrate and thrive in any fractured spaces and lead to gum disease. Plus, if there are any jagged edges then these can rub or cut the soft tissues inside your mouth.

Don’t attempt to fix them with household items like superglue, because this isn’t intended for oral use and can be toxic. Your dentist will examine your mouth and dentures to determine whether they can be repaired effectively or if it’s time for a new restoration. If they no longer fit properly, they might need to be relined or replaced entirely.

For those who have ongoing problems with poorly fitting dentures, your provider might recommend another solution like dental implants. These are surgically placed directly into your jaw, making them an incredibly reliable and resilient solution.

If your restoration has been hurt, it counts as an emergency and you should call your dentist right away for an appointment. They can help resolve the issue to preserve your smile for years!

About the Author

Dr. Aliana Henkin has nearly 20 years of experience providing patients with a full array of services to improve their oral health, including emergency dentistry. She completed her dental doctorate at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine and has since completed advanced courses to continue honing her skills. She’s passionate about cosmetic and restorative dentistry, dental implants, and oral surgery making her an expert at rebuilding smiles. Plus, she offers same-day visits if you have an urgent situation like broken dentures. If yours are injured and you need help, you’re welcome to request an appointment on the website or by calling (862) 260-4116.

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